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“How to Market and Sell Ebooks – The Complete Guide to Ebook Marketing”

Want to sell more ebooks?

Imagine it’s 10 AM. You’re groggy and stumble out of bed, bleary-eyed. You switch on the computer to check your stats, and discover SellEbooksOnline 297x300 Homeyou’ve sold 8 more copies of your ebook – overnight.

You practically jump out of your pajamas, you’re so excited. You start thinking about how many more you’re going to sell today, all without lifting a finger. The sales are running on automatic, and you can feel the excitement building as you realize the potential.

If your ebook is priced at $37, you made $296 while you were sleeping!

This can happen to you!

My name is Jack and after I started writing and publishing ebooks, I wanted to sell more. A lot more. But there wasn’t much written about how to sell ebooks online. After a lot of trial and error and then finally success, I decided to create a manual for myself to systematize my ebook selling. Now, it’s available for purchase.

This comprehensive guide has over 35 chapters and 290 pages. It’s the most complete resource available on selling ebooks online.

You’ll learn:

Where to sell
How to sell your ebook
Landing Pages
Crafting Offers & Bonuses
Best Payment Methods
Article Marketing
Selling on Amazon
How to Generate Publicity
Social Media Marketing
Video Marketing
Affiliate Income
and much more…

This ebook was a Finalist for a Global Ebook Award            Dan Poynter finalist GOLD 150x150 Home
Almost all the methods I teach are free or low-cost.

To help you get started I’ve included a multitude of resource links for ebook marketing. You will discover places to submit press releases, articles, blog comments, video submissions, solicit reviews and numerous other resources. These will save you hours and hours of searching.
Imagine turning your ebook into a Bestseller!

As you sit there reading through this letter, I’m sure you can see just how much value you’ll receive by getting a copy of “How to Market and Sell Ebooks”.

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But WAIT… There’s more!!!
I’m offering these bonuses to help you get started…

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That’s a total value in bonuses of $231.95!

How to Market and Sell Ebooks is normally priced at $47, Now Only $27

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Because I’m sure you’ll find value in this guide, I’m offering a 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee.Sell Ebooks Online Home

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